Drain Board / Drainage Board/Dimple Board

Drainage board / dimple board / protection board : Drainage Board is a HDPE sheet with three dimensional nodular structure having regular dimples . These dimples have a high compressive strength in order to maintain the invariable thickness under high loading pressure and provide excellent flow conductivity. These are also laminated by nonwoven Geotextile by thermal bondingin order to cover each dimple to prevent soil penetration into the water channel as well as to allow water flow into the drain core .

Its muti-directional flow ability makes it capable to be used in both  horizontal or vertical direction to provide excellent drainage.

We can provide dimple height from 8mm to 13mm with a compressive strength of upto 40 Kn.



Foundation wall / Basement wall 
It is used in the construction of foundation walls, or basement walls as a protective layer over the waterproofing system against mechanical damage that may occur during backfilling and then to chemicals in the ground. Secondly if there is some leakage it provides the route to water to drain and protects the waterproofing against the hydrostatic pressure that would be developed due to leakage.


Terrace / Rooftop Garden 
It is used as drainage board in combination with a geotextile for roof top garden, planter box, etc.as it is very flexible so it easily maintains the slope and drains out water from the soil where geotextile act as a filter media.It also protects the waterproofing system as the water doesn’t touches the waterproofing system while in case of draincells it does.

It is also being is used in sports field , artificial turf as in tunnels to provide an excellent drainage solution


Benefits to traditional drainage system:

• Horizontal or vertical drainage applications (walls)
• Thinner drainage layers when compared to traditional aggregate drainage solutions
• Reduced dead loads on structure means thinner slabs are possible
• Wide rolls are suited for rapid installation
• Enhances the performance of structural waterproofing by providing an additional barrier that prevents the majority of the water reaching the liner.
• High CBR puncture resistance of drainage board provides protection.
• Allows use of lower specification backfill
• Reduced delivery traffic volumes when compared with stone delivery vehicles

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