Geo Bags

Geo bags are used for forming temporary or permanent hydraulic structures in order to control soil erosion control , river embankment protection , beach protection ,offshore breakwater, dams etc.  These are very cost effective in comparison to stone boulders being used previously.

Its property of having high coefficient of friction between soil and fabric helps the silt deposition and after 2-3 years a complete land formation is there on which cultivation can be done.
Geo-bags are sand-filled high-strength geo-textile bags available in the various sizes and shapes .We make woven as well as Nonwoven Geo-bags of PP, Pet Fiber& Yarn. Woven Geo-bags are made up of High Tenacity Multi filament yarn. Nonwoven Geo-bags are made up of PP & Pet Fibers. We make Geo-bags of different sizes & various weight of Geo-textiles as per customer specifications & needs.

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