Grass Paver

Grass Pavers are ecologically friendly and made up of 100% UV stabilized HDPE AND ALSO OF 100% reprocess polypropylene. These are chemically sluggish and nontoxic. They let the drainage of water back into the subversive soil. Therefor no separate drainage system is needed.
Grass Pavers offer simple replies to the difficult problems related with supplying purposeful areas, while sustaining green space and dealing with water management acquiescence.
Grass Pavers offers the forte of pavement with the natural beauty of grass though concurrently eradicating soil compaction, dipping reflective heat and permitting for all weather convenience at a very lucrative price. Grass Pavers can be utilized for green driveway, for excess and event parking, for fire engine admission lanes, for pedestrian paths for usefulness and alternative access for strengthening for infiltration areas. These are also used to built beautiful gravels/stones pathways.


  • Retentive Wall Drainage
  • Groundwork Drainage
  • Top Deck – Green Roofs
  • Pot Drainage
  • Sports Turf Drainage Organization
  • Golf Bunkers – Sand Traps
  • Golf Greens and Tees

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