Grass Paver

With a variety of different applications, grass pavers allow for grassy areas to support constant vehicle traffic or parking without causing damage or rutting to the grass. The paver products are recommended for use in the following application types: fire lanes, event parking, and overflow stadium, church parking, grass green driveway, utility access, on-street parking, pedestrians’ walkways, handicap parking, emergency access, infiltration basin reinforcement, golf cart paths, helicopter landing pads, airplane transport areas, service roads, roadway shoulder, and equipment. It is also ideal for yards, truck maintenance, access road for emergency vehicles, overflow parking lots, jogging tracks, service roads, residential driveways, bike paths, and the construction entrance of soil stabilization. Furthermore, this load application is also an effective solution for swales and erosion control of slopes.

Grass pavers as well as gravel pavers allow for instant rainfall permeability and can help reduce or eliminate the need for onsite drainage ponds which routinely cost developers thousands and are required when large paved areas are installed on properties in many regions.

Perfect for the homeowner as well, these pavers are frequently used to widen driveways in residential settings for parking of an extra car or boat. 


  • Fire lanes
  • Event parking and overflow stadium
  • Grass green driveaway
  • Utility access & On-street parking
  • Pedestrians’ walkways
  • Infiltration basin reinforcement
  • Golf cart paths & helicopter landing pads

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