Woven Geotextiles

Woven Geo textiles are made from weaving, high tenacity PP & Polyester and multi filament yarn. We manufacturer this fabric at Fully automatic Dornier Looms at Our ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Automatic Plant. PET geotextiles can reach over 1000kN/m in uniaxial direction as the main loading direction and up to 300kN/m x 300kN/m in bi-axial directions, and the strength is generated typically at the strains less than 10%. Furthermore, PET geo textiles have excellent CBR value, demonstrating its outstanding ability to be a reinforcement component.

PP woven geotextiles composed of high tenacity polypropylene (PP) yarns in innovative weaving structure for the integrated engineering requirements of strength, filtration and separation.
With high tensile strengths (up to 600kN/m for uniaxial strength and 350kN/m for biaxial strength) and adequate opening sizes

We can manufacture WOVEN geotextile upto 3.8 mtrs width. Geotextile bags & Geotextiles tubes are made from the above woven geo textile according to one needs and specification

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